"What matters is not to know the world, but to change it." -Frantz Fanon

Walter Harris Gavin
Social Commentarian

Rocking the Boat for Social Change!




Walter Harris Gavin is a former Nationally Syndicated TV Host/Producer of The Gavin & Lott Show which helped introduce the Black Music Video form to audiences nationwide. He's been an advertising executive, independent film & video producer and professional tour guide, author, among other endeavors. Born in Philadelphia, PA, he's lived in various parts of the country on both the east and west coasts, in urban and suburban environments, from the seashore to desert terrains. He has experienced life's highs and lows. After 40 years no longer a wide-eyed 20 something, the vision of bringing unappreciated and novel "human" stories to life from a "black" perspective still burns bright. His motto: Carpe Diem...Don't Sweat the Small Stuff, 'Cause It's All Small Stuff. His Goal: Enlighten, Inform, Entertain & Inspire audiences worldwide. He is the driving force behind Gavin Media NU World, the author of The Autobiography of Obsidian Dumar, a novel and the forthcoming docu-series Blackface TV: From Amos ‘n Andy to Empire. And the writer/editor of the Substack, The Metamorphosis.


Published 2013

The Autobiography of Obsidian Dumar

A Novel

“How I came to be I know not.” -Obsidian Dumar

A Journey through Time, Space & Culture


Gavin Media NU World

Visual Essay Series

Welcome to A Brand NU World

Feature Documentary Trailer

Projects In Development for a Global Audience

  • Enligthen
  • Inform
  • Entertain
  • Inspire

Writer - Editor

The Metamorphosis - Newsletter

"In a world full of caterpillars it takes balls to be a butterfly." - Rhona Post

“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” - Jiddu Krishnamurti 

Where the intersection of Race, Culture & Media drives the discussion.

The Metamorphosis as the name implies is about change and transformation from a System of White Supremacy (SOWS) upon which this culture rests to some NU.


Podcast -Coming Soon!

The Metamorphosis on the Air


Frequently Asked Questions

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What is your educational background in writing?

I have a Bachelor's degree in Communications with a focus on writing & producing for Radio, TV & Film, as well as, 40 years experience managing various creative projects, client driven & originals for entertainment, education, advertising, marketing, & PR.


What types of clients have you worked with in the past?

I have worked with clients in a variety of industries, including healthcare, technology, finance, the arts and more. I am comfortable writing for both B2B and B2C audiences.

Work for Hire

What is your availability for writing projects?

My availability varies depending on the scope of the project and my current workload. However, I am committed to delivering high-quality content in a timely manner and will work with clients to establish a realistic timeline for each project.

Social Commentarian

What exactly is a “social commentarian?”

It’s a term I coined as a descriptor & catch all for where my main interests lie as that of an “essayist.” One with an “insatiable curiosity about life to rock the boat for social change or make an artistic statement."

NU World Focus

What exactly is your NU World Focus?

70% of whites & 50% of Blacks according to studies have an implicit anti-Black bias. This is a systemic issue which must be countered if we are ever to have a just society. 

According to The Association of Black Psychologists:

1. We need to respect and understand the psychological and emotional effects of racial oppression so that we do not fall into traps laid for us by the system and hurt ourselves and/or loved ones.

2. If we understand how the system of racial oppression affects us, then we can strategically and collectively take the necessary steps to short- circuit the system, taking full control of our hearts and our minds-- acting instead of reacting.


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Walter Harris Gavin

Social Commentarian

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