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“African-American cultural product & perspective appealing to a NU WORLD audience that is only going to grow...”

- Walt Gavin

At the center of this universe are these pertinent facts:

The U.S. Black population is 47 million strong. Larger than 163 of the 195 countries in the world including Argentina, Poland, Canada and Australia.

African-Americans are a driving force for popular culture. 73% of Whites and 67% of Hispanics believe Blacks influence mainstream American culture.

So goes the American Entertainment Market so goes the World.

Cable Ratings Peak Among Shows with Casts that Reflect Nation’s Racial Diversity


Gavin Media NU World's Programming Targets This Ever Growing Diverse Demographic

Television Programming

Television remains the top leisure activity for most Americans. Television and its various accessory components remain the dominant way that most households receive and consume multimedia content.

In the next five years, American Baby Boomers as a whole are set to control 70% of the disposable income in the U.S. and represent a disproportionate share of marketplace consumption, but they are often overlooked in marketing plans.


Motion Pictures

 African-Americans comprise 13% of the movie-going population, and the most frequent attendees in the African-American segment are Baby Boomers.

With a projected buying power of $1.4 trillion by 2020, Black consumers remain at the forefront of social trends and media consumption.


Changing Minds By Changing Perceptions

"And whereas movies about African Americans have tended to be confined to comedies and urban dramas, the white experience has long been represented across a diverse range of genres, stories and characters." - Ann Hornaday, Film Critic 

"...the implicit, or internal, biases carried by both whites and minorities and perpetuated by the
media and other cultural representations, subtly but powerfully influence how we view ourselves and
each other
." - The Business Case for Racial Equality, The Altarum Institute

So for all the power that a "Fruitvale Station" or "12 Years a Slave," may have it still falls within a very limited range of stories depicting the "black" human experience. We truly must "widen the lens." Projects developed by Gavin Media NU World are out to do just that.