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Presenting media products in development by Walter Harris Gavin for Motion Picture and Television Distribution.  Media & Communications strategy for clients to reach a NU World audience

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Programming for a NU World Audience


Walt Gavin, the driving force behind Gavin Media Nu World has been writing and producing film and video projects for more than 25 years. He debuted his documentary talents with Reading: The First ‘R’ that aired on the ABC owned and operated station WPVI-TV in Philadelphia, PA, USA. After that, national credits ensued with City Sounds and prior to that the ground-breaking television entertainment series that he co-hosted and produced with Bob Lott, The Gavin & Lott Show, which helped spur the production of music videos for black recording artists in the USA. He has written and produced a wide variety of projects including an audio-book, The Journey.

As the force behind his own independent production company he created programming in a variety of genres and distribution environments. Provided short and long term client driven multi-media program (interactive, video, film, print) development, production & consulting services (including communications & media strategy) to private and public sector clients to increase corporate image, market share and profitability.

His first novel, The Autobiography of Obsidian Dumar is now available at


NU World Strategy

Enlighten, Inform, Entertain, Inspire is the motto for the Gavin Media NU World strategy for reaching audiences world-wide. Based upon the knowledge that African American cultural product & perspective has the capacity to connect with audiences at home and abroad, the projects developed under the GMNW banner have a sophistication, design, impact and content honed after years of trial and error, proven in real-world situations.