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Young, Gifted and Dead

George Zimmerman is guilty as sin and everyone knows it who watched the trial as I did. Him getting away with killing Trayvon Martin should not be a surprise however. "White" folks have been killing "black" folks for centuries and getting away with murder.

George Zimmerman pre-judged Trayvon Martin and the jury said that was okay. He wore a hoody. He walked around in a "suspicious" manner. To Zimmerman and that six person, female, "white" jury it couldn't be otherwise. All "black" teens with a hoody are by their very nature suspicious. Why? Not because of their own experience, but because the culture and the insidious cultural product which creates that culture tells them so. 

Everyday in every way "white" media extols the virtue of being "white." And no one is immune from its effects. The message is if you're not white you are less than. If something is told to you long enough, and loud enough pretty soon you start to believe it, particularly if that POV benefits you.

Why should Zimmerman empathize with Martin or any "black" person for that matter since they are "other," less than. This foulness is internalized to the point where no one even questions it. 

We live in segregated enclaves where the opportunity to interact meaningfully on a personal basis with folks who are "different" is getting rarer. So media plays an important role in the "socialization" process, building community, breaking down barriers. The World Wide Web can either be liberating or can promote further isolation. It is a double-edged sword. There are young folks all over the world wearing pants with no belts, hanging well below their behinds and hoodies that have no idea of the origin of the "style." But they don't have to fear for their lives when they walk out the front door. Only in America!

Long live Trayvon Martin.