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What makes us human is our ability to tell stories. It is through stories that we learn who we are and where we fit in to the rest of our society. For many of us we never question the stories told to us because the people telling those stories are in our eyes trusted, parents, teachers, clergy. Of course we sometimes may never know the motivation of the storyteller. But if we hear a certain story repeated over and over by people we respect we come over time to believe these stories even when from our own experience, know them to be false. 

Separating fact from fiction is what is required of all discerning adults of any society. That can require enormous effort on our part. It's easier just to adopt someone else's version regarding some thing or someone as opposed to our own independent investigation.  

Historians tell us stories about this, that and the other thing about past events. But how do we know for sure any of it is true? We have to always look at the source of the information, peruse a variety of sources and come to our own conclusion. We have to take everything we think we know about anything that is not our direct experience with a "grain of salt." In other words make up our own story. 

Art and artists are all about making things up. About presenting possible alternatives to established narratives and seeing the world through their own filter and presenting that view to the world. It is their truth. Just as one's interpretation of "reality" is one's own truth. "Beauty," it is often said is in the eye of the beholder. That is true of life itself. We manufacture our own reality through the stories we see and the stories we tell our selves.