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A Dangerous Game

 "Once more we play our dangerous game..." -- Sean Connery as Captain Marko Ramius

During the Cold War and the Nuclear Arms Race with the Soviet Union, the MAD policy, Mutual Assured Destruction could only work if both parties involved were "rational." meaning that neither government actually wanted to see either of their countries destroyed, not to mention the rest of humanity, in an all out nuclear war. 

Unfortunately with the Tea Party GOP, led by a very un-Connery Ted Cruz, they have no such qualms. In fact it seems as if their entire raison d'etra  is to blow up the whole thing, bring the U. S. to its knees, to do from within what enemies from without, from Al Qaeda on down could never do. Their Republican radical ideology is about to, if not checked, cause global Armageddon, because their allegiance isn't to the U.S. in the aggregate, but to small-minded 'us's' in their very safe home districts. 

So just as with the Rebels who seceded from the Union over the right to own other human beings had to be reminded that "secession" was not an option in the form of a Civil War, it may be time for another. 

Like Lincoln, Obama may have to evoke "a house divided" stance and invoke the 14th Amendment should, like with the looming government shutdown the GOP, brings us to the brink of default. The Tea Party seems to have already declared war on the rest of us. I think it's high time to fight fire with fire. Capitulation is not an option!