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NU World Values

How we perceive ourselves and those around us goes to the very heart of the human condition. In America our perception filtered through the lens of race remains our biggest hurdle.

"White" cops kill unarmed "black" men based upon perceptions. People move into homogeneous enclaves, try to insulate themselves through cultural, political, social institutions from the unworthy "other." Based not upon any real world criteria, but made up fictions. Fictions that call for "white" supremacy and "black" inferiority. Black here can stand-in for any non-white human being.

There is a pathology to the very notion that something as superficial as one's skin color is determinant of anything. But civilizations have been destroyed and all manner of human misery allowed to reign because of that very notion.

Guy Garcia in a piece titled The New Mainstream talking about the outdated concept of the "melting pot," in America posits the following:

In an age where social media, instant language translation software and personalized online avatars are melding and blurring the boundaries between race, ethnicity and nationality, people are not so much melting as they are morphing, merging and mashing. Young Americans, who are already majority multicultural by definition, see no contradiction in being many things at once, and they can reinvent themselves at will, instantly and globally.

American mainstream media, TV, Film has yet to catch up with this reality. Even though audience data screams for something different. A quote from the conclusion of The Diversity Brief: Spotlight on Cable Television a 2013 research study conducted by The Ralph Bunche Center for African American Studies at UCLA sums it up pretty well.

"...While the cable television shows enjoying the highest ratings during the 2011-12 season tended to reflect the nation’s racial and ethnic diversity in terms of their casts and writing staffs,minorities were nonetheless woefully underrepresented on both fronts across most television shows." 

So it's not just bottom line decisions driving the overwhelmingly "white" face and storylines that dominate the American media landscape. The institutions and the folks who run Hollywood are still stuck with their old world values of "white" supremacy and privilege.

A recent headline in the Hollywood Reporter  sums it up "Chris Rock Pens Blistering Essay on Hollywood's Race Problem: "It's a White Industry."

There is another way to see and another way to be. And you'll find both in Gavin Media NU World's program offerings. Program offerings that are "diverse, inclusive and global." Program offerings that represents not the old world of yesterday's values, but those of the NU reality that is today and tomorrow.

Walter Harris Gavin is the author of The Autobiography of Obsidian Dumar and the driving force behind and the driving force behind Gavin Media NU World.