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The Man Who Would Be King

"Over the next few days (weeks?) we'll see a white minority (approximately 8% of the world's population) command the attention of the earth with the "royal baby". There are "royal babies" being born in Thailand, throughout Afrika and South America, yet the control of media by white supremacy will force the world to "pay attention" to *this* baby because it is classified as white and born into "the royal family".

Some will say, "Awww, come on Ray, it's just a baby, don't be so serious!". Trayvon was a baby too..."

Above is a quote from a Facebook post today about Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, baby watch. The idea of "royalty" in this day and age from whatever culture is an anathema. No one should rule by divine right or be granted status based upon who one's family is. But family matters. Culture matters. Particularly when notions of "culture," it's meaning, importance and interpretation stems from a notion that one's skin color is determinant of one's value. "White" culture disseminated through "white" media is the vehicle which continues to drive this mindset. And this mindset is on some level not about "black" or "white," but green, as in the color of money. "White color preference" feeds the notion that "white is right," everything else is wrong.  That mindset has currency.

Because European ways of being, have been the dominant cultural force for two thousand years and synonymous with "white skin color" as a result of the global African slave trade, to expect anything different is a historical. 

The comments to the post above were vicious, vitriolic, angry and of no real value to the question at hand. I believe there is a growing NU World audience whose tastes and mindset is changing. People are beginning to see the manipulation of "white media" for what it is, a way to line the pockets of corporate media mavens with green. We don't need to just "get mad," but get even.  

The NU World audience will spend their dollars to support media/cultural product that is non-supremacist, uplifting, enlightening, informative that extols intrinsic human values, not skin-color specific values.